Apr. 27th, 2017

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Ниже приводится выборка из 27 "трудных" вопросов, задаваемых людям на интервью. Если бы мне любой из этой выборки задали, я бы послал их счастливо оставаться.

“How do you explain a vending machine to someone who hasn’t seen or used one before?”

“If your current employer had an anniversary party for you, what five words would be written on the cake to describe you?”

“Who in history would you want to go to dinner with and why?”

“Name a brand that represents you as a person.”

“If you could take anyone on a road trip with you, who would you take and why?”

“If you had to take only one item to a deserted island, what would that be?”

“Sell me on one idea, and then sell me on the opposite of that idea.”

“If you were a Muppet, which character would you be?”

“What part of the newspaper do you read first? What does this say about you?”

“Throw your resume aside and tell me what makes you you.”

Большинство других перечисленных там вопросов я нахожу маргинально приемлемыми. Например,

“How many fire hydrants are there in Los Angeles County?”

“What’s the capital of Canada?” (OMG)

“What is the first thing you’d print with a 3D printer if you had one?”

“How do you reverse a text string on the Unix command line?”

“What is the probability of an integer from 1 to 60,000 not having the digit 6?”

Отсюда следует прекрасная идея для мета-интервью: давать человеку список этих вопросов и говорить, что он может ответить на те 5-7 из них, на которые пожелает. Тут тебе сразу и aptitude test, и skills test, и чёрт в ступе.

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